24 February 2013



Mom always tells me
That you are blessed
To have close girl friends whom grow up together with you
Because they are the people whom you should treasure in life

Growing old together
Sharing all the moments of life
Joy, happiness
From small things like getting a good score, to things like graduating
Or even things like small talk
Always being there for each other almost everyday

Sharing sorrow
The ones who most definitely be there when your relationship fails
Or when your loved one passes on.
They’re the ones who will pick you up when you fall
The ones whose shoulders are there for you to lean on
The unlimited amount tissue paper

They’ll be there in times of need or emergency
Physical, financial, you name it.
The first ones to be there, if not just a step behind

People whom you can trust with all your heart without a doubt
People who may not understand you at first, but when the years go by, can say the smallest things that’ll affect your life.

So, if you ever find friends like these, keep them close, and never let go.
This journey of life isn’t a short one, misunderstandings and arguments may appear
When you’ve been hurt, tell them. Because they may not realise that they’ve hurt you.
When you know you’ve hurt someone, say sorry. Truthfully. Sometimes it may be hard so take your time.
Learn to forgive and forget. Tell them “I forgive you”. But be honest. Forgive when you are ready and don’t keep grudges.
But mom, you’ve never told me, how am I supposed to find these people, and how do I know if they’re true to me? 

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Rindu my bestfriends since sekolah menengah. Dayah.... Wani....

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