5 January 2013


  • I said: My sins are so many.
  • Allah said: "And who can forgive sins except Allah? " [3:135]
  • I said: Do not leave me.
  • Allah said: "So remember Me; I will remember you." [2:152]
  • I said: I'm facing a lot of difficulties in life.
  • Allah said: "And whoever fears Allah ? He will make for him a way out." [65:2]
  • I said: I have many dreams that I want to come true.
  • Allah said: "Call upon Me; I will respond to you." [40:60]

Jom mengadu pada Allah
source: taarrad7in

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~AmyLiana86~ said...

lor ingatkan pe td upanya nk ckp lagu yuna..hehe